What Happens if I'm Denied?

Social Security appeals

Getting a claim accepted by the Social Security Administration is a difficult task–and one that often starts with a claim getting denied.

Burch & Rodgers attorneys are experienced in going from denial to approval for our clients. Don’t worry about the cost of the services either, because if you don’t win, you don’t pay a dime.

Deadlines for appeal

Another fact about claims with the Social Security Administration is that the appeals process has a deadline for continuing. So, if you accept the denial and don’t appeal quickly, you’re giving up your right to appeal the decision later. So contact Burch & Rodgers, immediately.

The attorneys at Burch & Rodgers will:

  • Analyze your claim
  • Gather evidence from your medical experts
  • Develop a legal strategy to maximize the chance of approval
  • Prepare you for your hearing
  • Question and cross-examine witnesses for both sides
  • Make opening and closing remarks to guide narrative of hearing

The SSA will often bring in their own experts to counter your experts. Having attorney representation who understands how to identify and respond to these strategies is proven to increase your chances of approval. SSA’s own statistics have shown those with attorneys are approved more often. Considering we don’t charge unless you win, the choice shouldn’t be difficult. Do not give up after a denial, as your chances of approval may be very high still.

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