Over 50 SSD

Applying for Social Security Disability over 50

Age matters in disability determinations. For those over 50, the system will apply slightly different rules that may make it easier to qualify for disability. This is because the Social Security Administration assumes that those over 50 will not have as easy a time in finding new lines of work or learning new job skills.

In order to determine whether you will be able to transfer to a new line of work, the SSA looks at:

  • The levels of education achieved
  • Skills used in past work
  • Certifications or skills that will be useful in a new line of work
  • The degree of physical effort needed in the potential new career compared to existing career

Levels of Physical Effort

The SSA will consider your residual functional capacity. They will look at potential and past jobs and judge the level of physical effort. Here are the four major categories.

  • Sedentary: a job where you are seated and occasionally lift 10 pounds
  • Light: a job where you frequently lift 10 pounds and occasionally 20 pounds
  • Medium: a job requiring you to lift 25 pounds frequently and occasionally 50 pounds
  • Heavy: a job requiring you to frequently lift over 50 pounds

If you are over 50, Burch & Rodgers can help you navigate through the complex process. Those in Raleigh and eastern North Carolina who need a board-certified expert in Social Security Disability law to look at their claim and help them apply should contact Burch & Rodgers.

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