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Burch & Rodgers has helped countless clients in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina, area since opening. Time and again we’ve won Social Security Disability claims and have left very pleased customers. Please see our reviews on lawyers.com, Google reviews, and others for more examples!

“I was recently represented by Laurie Burch in my disability case & I have nothing but the highest regards for Mrs. Burch & her law firm. They are undoubtedly the best @ what they do. Mrs. Burch & her paralegal, Melanie go above & beyond for their clients. I can not thank them enough for all their help in getting my disability that I had been fighting to receive for 9 years. Mrs. Burch & Melanie did more for me in 18 months than anyone had since 2009.”

“I am writing to thank you for your help and the help of your staff in getting my Social Security disability benefits. You answered all of my questions and prepared me for what to expect. I do not think I could have gone to my hearing without the information you gave me. I would have been too afraid.”

“I also appreciate all of the extra information you gave me about when I would get an answer on my case and getting treatment at a free clinic. I will give your name to anyone I find who needs a good lawyer to help them.”

“Thank you both for eliminating the “government red tape” from my successful Social Security claim!”

“Thank you for everything. Life is a little easier now.”

“I wanted to take a moment out of time to thank you for all your hard work in helping me secure my SSD. I think because of you, your staff, and my doctor, we were blessed not to have to go as far as a hearing. Now I can afford to live better and have all my needs met. My last CAT scan showed that the cancer is gone with no spread. I have to be watched closely because it can return. Thank you for helping me be able to concentrate on my medical conditions and getting better, instead of worrying about finances.”

“Good rapport with my attorney and excellent results. I had hired a national firm previously, with little success and real communication. Laurie Burch was local, personable, and effective.”

“My scheduling was very convenient and the staff was responsive to my personal needs.”

“We were rejected for SSI by the government. Kevin Rogers took the case, at no cost to us unless we won. Provide excellent service. Not only did we receive our Social Security but also a $26,000 back payment. The fee was very fair and the whole process was a pleasure.”

“Laurie Burch was excellent. She also traveled from Raleigh to Rocky Mount, NC. She was caring and sincere, listened without judgment.”

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