Local Attorney vs. National Firm

Should I work with a local lawyer or a national firm for my Social Security Disability claims?

When searching for the best representation for your Social Security Disability case, you’ll notice there are both local and national firms to choose from. National firms may have larger teams and slicker marketing pitches, but there is a lot they cannot offer from far away. Local firms tend to be more personable and because they have roots in your community, they are able to provide a level of service and personalized attention that is impossible to replicate from halfway across the country.

Why hire a North Carolina Disability attorney?

Burch & Rodgers is already far ahead of the national competition. We are familiar with the judges in the circuit. This can make a big difference when the time comes to present your case. With our combined 50+ years of experience, we are also familiar with many of the employees at the Social Security offices. Relationships matter and with a local firm, you’ll have a leg up over the national firms.

If you have any questions, we want to be able to clearly and carefully answer them for you. Wouldn’t that be better than calling some national hotline every time you had a question? Doing this process right is a very important part of your future. Money may be tight, but we charge no fees unless you win.

Choose a local firm that knows how Social Security Disability cases work locally and will work to get to know you. We serve residents from the Triangle area, and surrounding areas to the east, like Rocky Mount, Wilson, Fayetteville, Johnston County and Lumberton.

Hire local, experienced attorneys like the ones at Burch & Rodgers. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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