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Fayetteville is home to many military members and their families, and Burch & Rodgers provides the experience and skills needed to navigate SSA’s disability benefits process. Whether you need help with an initial application or an appeal, our firm helps you get the benefits you deserve. We aim to provide support for our clients without adding unnecessary financial stress to their lives; we only collect fees if you win your case.

What are Social Security disability benefits?

Chances are you’ve heard about the disability benefits offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), but you may not have a clear line of sight on what those benefits look like for you. Generally speaking, these benefits include monetary coverage for disabled workers and their dependents, including wounded warriors and veterans.

Two main programs are used to provide these benefits to eligible and accepted applicants: Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you have worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need.

Who Is & Is Not Eligible to Apply?

There are lots of rules, regulations and guidelines to follow to determine if you’re eligible to apply for SSA disability benefits. Rest assured, if you live in Fayetteville, NC and are wondering about whether or not you can apply, we can help!

Generally, you must meet two requirements to submit an application:

  1. You must have worked in jobs covered by Social Security. Please note there are additional requirements based on the number of years worked and the age you are when you become disabled. We are happy to help clarify what this means for your unique situation, give us a call.
  2. You must have a medical condition that meets the definition of disability provided by the SSA. Please note, the definition of disability is different under Social Security than it is for other government programs. According to the SSA website, they consider a person disabled under their rules if:
    1. The person cannot do work that they did before;
    2. The SSA decides that the person cannot adjust to other work because of their medical condition(s); and
    3. The person’s disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

Special Eligibility For Wounded Warriors, Veterans & More

If you are a veteran and/or wounded warrior, if you are blind or have low vision, if are a widow/widower of a worker, or if you have a disabled child, these are all unique situations where it is possible to meet the criteria for receiving additional disability benefits from the SSA.

If you have questions about whether these special situations apply to you or a member of your family, please reach out to our team. Our qualified representatives are here to clear the air and explain the nuances of the disability benefits process.

Has Your Claim Been Denied? We’ll Fight For The Benefits You Deserve

If you already submitted your application for Social Security disability benefits and it was denied, we understand that it can feel like the end of the road for receiving the benefits you deserve. But remember: millions of people apply for these benefits every single year with the expectation that it will be instantly approved. In reality, the cogs of the Social Security Administration’s processes don’t always turn that smoothly.

In fact, upwards of 72% of all initial applications submitted by citizens are not approved by the Social Security Administration. Thankfully, there are local attorneys in Fayetteville, like the Burch & Rodgers firm, who specialize in precisely this area of the law. We provide personalized assistance in appealing a denial, so you have the best shot at approval. When you choose a skilled social security disability attorney to represent you, they will work with you to get you the benefits needed to make ends meet.

Don’t give up hope–the attorneys at Burch & Rodgers are here to help. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the requirements and the processes needed to receive these benefits, but you can count on Burch & Rodgers to help you navigate the twists and turns with ease.

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We have a combined 70+ years of experience practicing Social Security Disability law in North Carolina, and every single disability case we handle is essential to our team. This experience lends itself to more promising outcomes for our clients, as well.

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