Common Definitions

Understanding the Terminology

Understanding the ins and outs of social security is a difficult task in its own right. To help keep our content approachable and understandable no matter where in the process you are, we’ve put together definitions for common words used throughout our site. Let us know if there are any other terms you have questions about and we can expand this resource:


Short for Social Security Administration. The SSA is the federal body that oversees disability claims and will hold your hearing to approve or deny your benefits requests.


Short for Social Security Disability. It’s also referred to as simply “disability.”


Short for Supplemental Security Income. It’s a program for folks with low-income who are also unable to work.


If you have been denied SSD, you have the right to question this decision by filing an appeal. These are often successful.

Request for Reconsideration

This is the application to appeal your initial denied claim.


A hearing is a legal meeting where a decision is made. The hearing appeal comes after a reconsideration decision.


When an attorney, asks questions of a witness called by the opposing side.

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